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Add a walkout video to your website and have a blast recording your video or watching one of our spokesperson record your video. Our prices are a lot lower then the other local guy’s offering the same service.

The Walkout Video Shop!

We have always known the Web was a perfect place for video. How? You view websites thru a television! You didn't really think reading a newspaper on that TV was as good as it was going to get, did you?

It just took a while for the Web technology to catch up. Dial-up accounts and modem speeds of 56K or less made it impossible to transmit smooth, continuous video signals over the web. Now that Broad Band and DSL are available, and are being used by large numbers of Web surfers, Video can take its rightful place as the best medium for communicating on the web.

The same Chroma-Key or "Green Screen" technology that allows your local weatherman to stand in front of weather maps on the evening news will allow to stand in front of your own webpage and deliver a message on video. In addition to a Walk Out Video that puts you on your webpage, we can create an In-Line video using the same technology that can put you "on location" from the edge of the universe to the middle of nowhere, and all points in between.

Take advantage of technological improvements to increase the effectiveness of your web presence.

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