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Louisville Video Production

Using video as a marketing tool is one of the fastest growing trends in interactive media. According to the Kelsey Group, in April 2008, 93% of 30 Dow Jones Average companies used video on their website. Your business can benefit by getting on the bandwagon now! More and more traditional ad agencies are moving towards interactive video technologies. Don't let your video be outsourced by one of these companies! Come to the web video specialists. With our affordable video marketing solutions, your company will be a step ahead.

3 out of 4 internet users watch at least one web video a day. Your website needs video, and a "Video Profile" is the perfect solution. Studies prove that web video gives your business a leg up on the competition. It creates stronger brand recognition, and increases the chance that clients will choose to do business with your company.

Since today’s audiences and consumers are looking for what is real and authentic, they often have their radar up for anything that does not ring genuine. We have found that the documentary approach, in the form of customer profiles and case studies, is a powerful way to allow audiences to hear from their peers and brings authenticity and credibility to the content that most audiences can connect with.

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